How to: Properly Melt Chocolate

    Alright, I'm no chocolate-melting expert, but I do consider myself a chocolate-consuming expert so I'm basically the best person for this how to. Reasons being 1.) Chocolate tastes nasty when burnt and 2.) I can not burn chocolate. So, I'll share a bit of wisdom on how to melt chocolate with a double boiler and some ideas on the masterpieces that can be created with melted chocolate. Also, there are some links at the end with ways to MacGyver a double boiler. 

Here's what I used:
  • Toll House semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate
  • fortune cookies
  • sprinkles
  • Belgian chocolate dessert cups
  • diced pecans
  • parchment paper laid over a large pan for portability
  • double boiler
  • spatula 

First I put water into the bottom pot of the double boiler and chocolate chips in the top. Then I turned on the eye of the stove. The chips do best when heated gradually with the water. While that was warming up I undressed all of my fortune cookies to be prepared for dipping.
    Here's my little operation station. Once the chips in the double boiler start to shine move the top pot from the heat then mix the chips around. Stir and stir until the chips are melted. I actually moved the entire double boiler to an eye that was off to stir. While the chocolate was at it's most melted, I dipped in the fortune cookies and placed them onto the parchment paper. While the chocolate was drying I sprinkled some diced pecans on some and sprinkles on others.
    Now white chocolate is a bit more complicated. Follow the same steps as the chocolate chips. When removed from the eye the white chocolate is a bit more solid. Keep mixing! It takes it a bit longer to become a liquid. Use the spatula to drizzle over the fortune cookies. I filled up my Belgian cups with the excess chocolate and pecans. Let the chocolate covered fortune cookies harden in the refrigerator. Now here are some beauty shots:

More ideas:
  • Dip everything in chocolate. Fruit, snacks, gummy candy, pretezels, granola bars... anything!
  • Don't have a double boiler? Or want cool and creative drizzling ideas? Try this!
  • Make chocolate curls for cupcake or cake toppers. There's also another method for makeshift double boiling in that link!


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