Outfit # 40: Bandit

    Today pictures will be provided by my phone. I was 1.) too lazy to drag out camera + tripod and 2.) overwhelmed with discharging emotions to function. You feel me? I hate that "sometimes" I have extreme difficulty keeping my feels in check when my main goal as a human is to know and be in charge of myself. I don't like to be carried away by emotion. Even good emotions. (You know how some people have an "ugly cry" yeah, well, I'm one of those people.) Listen, I'm too busy trying think complexly about this world and the people in it to have emotions. Okay, I'm half-joking. I do like to have emotions but GOSH they are so exhausting. I'm wholly against being a robotic human, which is an oxymoron, but I'm also against getting so bogged down that I lose sight of the things that I care about. Maybe I need to give myself a break. Perfection is mold I'll never fit into and I'll just have to accept that. (But it won't stop me from trying.)
shirt - thrifted // bandanna - dollar general and then dyed // earrings - gift // black pants - tj maxx 


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