Outfit # 38: Writing Online

    Why on Earth is a blog easier than a diary? And why on Earth do I have trouble saying/spelling the word blog? I feel immediately discredited when I tell someone that I have a blog. Like they'll reply "Oh, you and every other teen trying to validate their existence." But for me it's not even about that. I blog, or "write online", because I like to have another motivating factor keeping me creative. School is great for learning, but sometimes doing schoolwork is like shoving my toddler-self into daycare.
*toddler-self silently cries*
    Instead I get to have this third place, outside of school and "real life" where I can create. I mean, most of the time I feel like my words and images are being sent into a big black void. And I actually like that. No one may ever read this. This may never influence someone's life. My words are static on the radio, and everyone turns the dial to find something better.
What a relief! 
    There's no pressure to perform beside the pressure I put on myself. And it's not even like a pressure anymore, writing online is a part of my life. A kind of weird part that I don't go around telling people about, but still. This is something I like to do, so I am going to keep doing it. I think that's a good enough reason. I don't need money or success to define or encourage my interests... By the way, this whole spiel was prompted in part by this post.
top and pants - belk // shoes and necklace - mysterious place that only exists in the past


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