It's a good day to dye hard. In fact, everyday is a good day to dye hard. Nothing says expert at dyeing like a head-to-toe tie dyed ensemble. From bandanna to sneakers here's your expert, down and dirty guide to dyeing like a semi-pro. Make that mustard stained camp shirt look artistic, a K-Mart shirt look hippie chic, and some sneakers look fabulous. Nothing says chic like an outfit that will make you look somewhere between melting snow cone and walking acid trip. Hey, that's okay, it's practically summer, so these wardrobe characteristics are totally acceptable. Keep scrolling to learn how all of this can be yours...
What I used:
  • Old Camp Shirt
  • Graphic (Mostly) White Shirt 
  • White Leggings 
  • White Sneakers 
  • White Bandanna
  • Trash Bags
  • Tulip Tie Dye Kit

First: Forcefully rip apart trash bags to make a tarp for dyeing. Each project should have it's own bag. 
Second: Twist and rubber band clothes. The leggings (pictured) had two rubber bands to split the colors. For the graphic t-shirt I pinched the middle of the shirt and twisted. Then I put a rubber band around the design and another rubber band a couple inches past it. By pinching the shirt the design will be concentric circles. (Don't get it? Read a better explanation here.)
For my camp t-shirt I sprayed the dye randomly for fun. I take dyeing seriously, but it's okay to have some fun. Sometimes.
Third: Wrap clothing in individual trash bags and tie off the ends. Leave it this way for 6-8 hours or overnight. I left mine overnight. Then appreciate the terrible mess you made. Isn't it beautiful?
Fourth: Unwrap shirts and rinse all the loose color out. I "kneaded" my clothes in the sink until the water ran (mostly) clear. It takes a while, but you biceps will get built in the process.
Fifth: Let clothing hang around and dry.
Now for the shoes! Like the shirts, this is is super easy:
First: Remove laces and wet shoes with water. By wetting the shoes the dye can run and blend freely.
Second: Spray shoes with the tulip dye as you please. I did a simple stripe repeating pattern. But you could do zig zags or circles or really anything.
Third: Seal shoes in a the trash bag and let dry for 6-8 hours or over night.
Fourth: Rinse! Rinsing shoes is a bit strange but just keeping working them until the loose dye completely runs out.
Fifth: Let dry completely before wearing. All done!
Now you're all set to impress festival friends, beach bums, and rainbows. One of these items of clothing is enough to invoke jealousy in anyone, but put them on all together at once? People will practically rip the clothes off your body... not really, but they may be inclined to steal your sneakers. And hey just sprinkle some white paint on those sneakers and you practically have galaxy shoes


  1. this is such a fun project- tie-dye always reminds me of summer. i especially love how the shoes came out! i'd totally wear that to a festival

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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