Outfit # 35: Ocean Tides

  It was so windy outside. The trees furled and unfurled like ocean waves. They sounded like ocean waves too. Maybe I'm dreaming of the beach and sand and wide, infinite-looking expanses of water. Or maybe, just in general, I'm dreaming. You remember all of those posts about being unfocused? That's still happening, but I think I finally let myself realize why. A new peace settles after knowing why. 
    The good thing is, with all this dreaming I've come up with a couple new ideas to execute. (spoiler: the ideas include photography and post-processing and daydreams and a little bit of magic) Next week is spring break, so I have time to live out these daydreams. How thrilling! 
    I want to push myself in creative ways. And while physics class has provided a new perspective on my surroundings, I'd like to explore new perspectives without having to worry about maintaining my grade. The creative gods have struck again and placed an interesting task on my shoulders... Also, I think I need to do fiction fridays around here. I did it a couple of times, shared some short stories, but I think I need to be more persistent and stretch that writing muscle.
Lots and lots of brain things happening around here... sending positive vibes your way. 


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