How You Do: Light Painting

    Every year for Christmas Shaun and I get glow sticks in our stocking. This year Santa went hardcore rave style when he threw in finger lights. I also got Mom and Shaun glow sticks, so we were going pretty intense with the glow supplies. I told Shaun that we had to try light painting. The night before my bro left we went outside in the dark and freezing to get some cool pictures. Not gonna lie, it turned out better than I imagined. Shaun was pretty skilled with the light painting, way better than me anyway. But, hey, I knew which buttons to press on the camera, so that counts for something, right? 
    Photo Crafty is one of my favorite websites for photography tutorials. Here is the link to the many light painting tutorials. The tutorials are simple and reassuring. One way that helps me get to know my camera is trying different photo tutorials. Reading about shutter speed and ISO is nice and all, but getting hands on solidifies the information for me. To light paint, I just lowered my ISO. But there are many settings to manipulate and play with, that's where the tutorials come in. 
    If you want to get behind the science of shutter speed, try watching this video by one of my favorite YouTubeEDU channels, Smarter Every Day. In it, Destin takes us to a photo shoot by a light painting artist. His wife is getting pregnancy portraits and the pictures come out amazing. It was one the first videos I watched on his channel and I kid you not the videos just get better and crazier. 
    There have been some light paintings going around on tumblr and I finally took the time to research the artist, who is David Gilliver. His light paintings, globes, waves, and physiograms are stunning. Go ahead and gawk over is talent. Also, if you don't mind a recommendation, check out his Star Trails and Splash! series.
    Talent and art that leaves in awe is the best kind. There are so many humans working in different ways with different things to express themselves and bring light to their worlds. Trying new things and having the ability to try new things is one of the greatest parts of the human experience. Now I'm itching to do more light paintings. Ever since the night Shaun and I tried it out I've had so many ideas. You can see all of our light paintings here.
Light mohawk by me


  1. I've tried this once it is so mutch fun to do with your friends

    1. Oh, I agree! A whole group of people can really get creative and make elaborate scenes.

  2. nice photography,a group of friends is the best everyone learns from one another. some of my own light painting.


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