Outfit # 30: Down the Grape Vine

    The grape vine across the field from my house has melted away since this photos were taken. I'm glad I trekked out there before it completely disappeared. Speaking of things changing, the tree in our front yard looked like it was on fire. It was mostly red with a few specks of orange. It's taken a while for it to completely change, but now the leaves are finally falling. Nature is probably confused considering it's been in the 80's one week and 60's in the next.
    Anyhow, I love how a collar can dress anything up. I've taken to buttoning up collars, which I used to find militaristic and stuffy. Now I just think it looks sophisticated, maybe even chic. And the little sweater thing I'm wearing? It's so hippie and cool. I used to have a tendency to dress hippie, flowy skirt and all, so I think it's cool that I'm mixing this business-y collar style with the hippie style. Although a part of me will always want to go road tripping in a VW bus. But really, who doesn't?
PS Does anyone want to exchange Christmas cards? 
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