Outfit # 29: And We All Gave Thanks

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgivikkah! Mine seemed to fly right through. It's like suddenly it is ~the holidays~. We had some super delicious food and good company. It seems like every year we set one less place at the table though. Nobody mentioned it. It's hard for us all during the holiday season, but it is especially hard for my Nana. That's probably why we all stayed quiet, avoiding the big white elephant sitting next to the deviled, or as my Nana calls them "dressed", eggs. Nobody wants tears on the turkey.
    Despite that dreary tangent, my Thanksgivikkah was good. I got more dressed than the eggs on the table and ate until I was a swollen lump... well, that doesn't sound very idyllic, but I think it's still appropriate, especially when considering all I wanted to do was to be rolled to the living room like Violet Beauregard.
    The break from school was welcoming as well. This has been the most challenging semester of college for me. I know I rose to the challenge too. I don't mean that in a pretentious way; I just know I worked hard. I never had the time before the break to think about home versus school. They had been mushed together for so long I hardly recognized them separately. But then, suddenly, I didn't have any homework or any assignments and I was home. It was so nice. I was able to prowl around in pajamas all day and make my family laugh and laugh at my family. I'm so glad those people are around. They are something else, let me tell you. 


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