DIY Nail: Resolution Nails

    I've seen movies and read about how people would tie strings around their fingers as a reminder to do or remember something. I wonder why they didn't carry a journal or something, but I do find that reminder technique interesting and a little quirky. Most of us set alarms or put big red circles on a calender or a sticky note on the cookie jar. We do anything to remember what we need to remember. In keeping with our custom of forgetting and remembering, I thought up a nail design. In this design I left one strip of nail unpainted to remember my resolutions for the New Year. I want to remember the good resolutions. The ones that inspire me and move me. I want to be a good person and I want to push myself. I want my resolutions to be constructive and abstract. I want resolutions that ensure happiness as the year rolls over. 
So in honor of the New Year and of moving forward: 
  1. Clear Nail Polish 
  2. Glitter Nail Polish (Already Famous)
  3. Deep Pink Nail Polish (Sample Sale)
  4. Scotch Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. A good book (I'm reading Brida)

Step One: Apply clear coat and let dry completely. Here's where the good book comes in.
Step Two: Cut small strips of scotch tape and try to stick it onto the direct center of nail. 
Step Three: Apply glitter coat. Let the glitter polish sit for 2-3 minutes and then gentle peel off tape. If the tape is not removed before the nail polish is completely dry, it will break and have to be scraped off. I'm speaking from experience. 
Step Four: Now that the tape is removed, let nails dry completely. And read some more.
Step Five: Cut a strip of scotch tape that is wider than previous strip and apply.
Step Six: Paint deep pink nail polish over and let sit for a couple of minutes and then peel.
Step Seven: Let dry and use a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges!
Celebrate the New Year with new nails. They serve as a reminder of all of you goals and dreams for the New Year and they are unique. Play around with this tutorial by changing out the colors, rotating the stripes, or changing the width of the stripe. Check out more of my nail tutorials here. Have a blast this New Year!


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