Outfit # 28: Recital & Reception

   This past weekend was my brother's senior recital. Usually for these types of things I wear dresses, but I went with hot pink dress pants instead. That's a good substitution, right? My bro did pretty amazing at his recital. He played some pretty crazy pieces. One was crazy beautiful, one was crazy in how it integrated technology, one used crazy techniques. My bro plays saxophone, by the way. It was really cool seeing him up there doing his thing, and then visiting with his friends and instructors. Mom and I took care of the reception afterwards, so it was good. All of the sweets were eaten, but we actually had to bring vegetables back home with us. lol. Honestly, I'm not that surprised. 

     I was able to snap these few pictures after the recital in the parking garage. We were actually trapped in the garage because the bar wouldn't life for us. The police had to come so we could leave. So ridiculous. That kind of stuff happens to us way too often. But, hey, I did get some extra pictures out of it.
Brother, you did a good job. It's super inspiring for me to see you working towards accomplishing your dreams. You're really awesome.


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