Outfit # 27: Hot Air

    This past weekend was the Harmony Jubilee in town. There was a wine and cheese tasting, craft fair, hot air balloon rides, and a late night concert. Not all on the same day, but you get the idea. Mom and I attended the craft fair or the "artisan market" Saturday. It was pretty cute. There were some cool booths with expensive wooden bowls and wines and soaps, you know, the usual. There were also tethered hot air balloon rides just across the cotton field. It was a bit windy, so no one was able to take an un-tethered ride, but I still enjoyed watching the balloons lift up. Note: balloons are cool in all sizes and shapes. I tired to wear my most crafty inspired outfit without being all this-sweater-is-knitted-from-my-cats-hair. It's a delicate balance. And I don't even own a cat. 
    Only came home with this little dude and a free plastic cup from the hospital. Why the hospital was giving out plastic cups with popcorn in it, I don't really have a clue. Especially considering that there's not much hospital competition in town and the popcorn was buttered and salted. I'm getting mixed signals about health here, people. 


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