Outfit # 26: Reverse Applique

    Over fall break I got into a lot of projects, first there was the almost-failure Bohemian Bowl, and now here's my take on the popular reverse applique. And I'll just say, wow. This was one of the weirdest stitching projects I've ever done. Basically, I was stitching backwards. Usually when stitching the front faces me, but using this technique the back was facing me. Not gonna lie, I was kind of freaked out by that. But it actually turned out pretty okay! I went for a childlike star drawing. I think it was mission accomplished, because it definitely doesn't look ~uber profesh~. I do wish I had applied fray-check to the inside of the stars and on the yellow fabric on the inside of my tee. I had yellow strings everywhere after washing and my star edges looked a little rough.
    Also, I felt very french in my red lipstick, stripped shirt, skinny slacks, and mary janes. Instead of smelling fresh baguettes, espresso, and cigarette smoke; I smelled damp grass, crisp air, and rain. I think it was a fair trade. I'd rather be in a rural Georgia town than France any day... okay, that's definitely not true. BUT, it's super important to appreciate where I am and what I have. In moments where things feel really big and I feel really small, I have these moments and memories and smells to hold on to.


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