Pumpkin Decorating

    Usually I go all-out and carve a pumpkin, but this year I decided to be a trend-follower and paint one instead. This is actually the second time painting because the first go-round was not cute. I happily painted over it to start fresh. I guess that's one thing I like about carving pumpkins, if I totally botch it up when carving I have to accept it and laugh at it. I do love having a gold pumpkin in the house though. The paint color accentuated the lines on the stem of the pumpkin and gourd itself. I was a bit fascinated by my gilded gourd. I did add black stripes, orange puff paint, and a black feather boa around the bottom. It all added a little pizzazz and a little ~spookyness~
    I had a couple visitors while decorating! Above is a little dude with a long journey. 
    The second visitor above was hanging from a bike handle. Not quite sure what type of spider he is, but those orange dots, while they did coordinate with my pumpkin, had me a bit weary.
    Here's our fall corner, complete with fall-loving gnomes, a pumpkin place mat, a Warm Rustic Woods scented candle, and other matching accessories. Pretty cute, I'd say. 


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