How to Fail: Boho Charger turned Boho Bowl

    I do a lot of DIY projects. Some of those projects turn out super awesome and some... don't. When a DIY project fails don't be discouraged. Most of the time it can be reworked with a little positive thinking, determination, and a couple white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. To encourage reworking failures here is the second installment of a semi-accidental series I'll call "How to Fail". This was inspired by a post I did in 2011 titled: How to fail at a DIY, but still make something cool
   This DIY fail turned cool is this Boho Bowl, which was originally supposed to be a Boho Charger. I failed, I think, in the final steps. (see here for full tutorial) When tying off in the last step, I tied super tight which made the edges curl up. I could not for the life of me stretch it back out to lie flat. Sure, at first I wanted to bolt out of the house slinging the boho-booboo over my head while yelling incoherently, but after a moment I decided to accept it for what it was: BOHO BOWL.
     If you, dear reader, are interested in creating a Boho Bowl or Charger here are a couple of tips I wish were included when I originally read the tutorial:
  1. When beginning the center of charger do several rows of embroidery floss first, then move to yarns or trims. I thought the middle of mine look sloppy because I didn't do any floss.
  2. Watch the weaving. Multiple times I got out of rhythm without even realizing it. The bowl still looked cool, but the yarn base is supposed to stay on the bottom.
  3. Maybe stringing the loom base with embroidery floss would be better. I did yarn first, and while I did like that it was easy to see and maneuver, my knots at the end were glaringly obvious. Also, when I did get out of rhythm my yarn was obvious. It probably could have been better masked with floss. 
  5. If making a bowl, TIE FINISHING KNOTS SUPER TIGHT.  
    It looks pretty cute on my night stand. I added a little clip-on bird so not it looks like a nest (in the best kind of way). I thought the fate of this project was to be a side table charger, but life had different plan. Sometimes, while life's plan is unexpected, it is still cool and perfect for the side table.


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