Outfit # 22: Witchy Weather

    I'm embracing the cool weather and October witchy vibes. That air of mysteriousness with legends whispered on the soft wind make October an excellent month. It feels especially creepy around here since the sun has been hiding behind thick, grey clouds. I miss that warm sun as it dances across bare skin, but I also am welcoming the cool dampness October is bringing. October always brings witches to mind for me. I imagine that the winds are from the zooming witch's cloak soaring overhead. I see shadows dance at night and feel my heart race and breath catch without warning or reason. I'm on an edge that only sweet October provides. 
    Also: I bought this new lip gloss and I'm digging it. It's perfect for fall and it's not near as dark as it looks in the bottle. It's called just plum. It has a strange smell though. I can't decide if it smells like vanilla or if it's supposed to smell like plum and something went wrong. It's a little bit confusing, but I also kinda like it. It makes my lips look like I just bit into a big juicy plum.
    I've worked out a new hairstyle and it reminds me of Becoming Jane and being haphazard and of that character in that movie/book that is kind of crazy, but everyone loves her. It makes me feel light and curly. 
    These late September days will easily meld into the beginning of October. Big fuzzy socks, stuffed into boots will become an everyday thing. Napes of necks will prickle with the sense of something watching. Hearts will skip a beat and little ghosts will saunter about. I'm ready for you, October Season, bring your ghouls and howling winds and glances over shoulders. 

Perhaps a quote, to finish this one out:

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