DIY Nail: Straight Fake

    So this was a complete risk/accident. I didn't think the results were going to be this good. *pats self on shoulder* Honestly, I had two new colors I wanted to combine in some way and this just came to be. Most of my nail tutorials are textured because textures are (a) easy to do and (b) easy to touch up. Really though, I could not free-hand a straight line over the curve of my nail to save my life. But I can fake it.
Here's how you can too:
 What's Needed:
  • Two nail polish shades
  • A cheap sponge
  • Something to pour nail polish onto
  • And a hand or two
I used Excuse Me from Pure Ice for my yellow and Monkey Sea, Monkey Do from Color Mates for my blue-green.

 First: Apply base coat and let dry.
 Second: Pour or paint a small amount of nail polish onto a plate. Then dip one edge of the sponge into the wet paint. Place the edge of the sponge where you would like the second color on your nail to stop. When pressed, the sponge will conform to the shape and curvature of the nail creating a straight line.
 Third: Continue to dip and reapply sponge paint until desired thickness/color deepness. Reapply nail polish to the sponge often. The sponge will dry out without the nail polish. When reapplying without nail polish small portions of the sponge will stick to your nail.

Other tips: Watch to make sure your sponge is pressed on your nails straight. I made a couple of mine crooked, especially when I used my non-dominate hand (my left). And, when reapplying be sure to place it directly over the line already made. Some of mine are thicker on top and the line is less clear.
 All done! I used bright, contrasting colors, but I'd like to do this again with fall colors or even a color and it's matte counterpart. Also, special thanks to the November Mental_Floss magazine for serving as the background for most of these images.

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