~DIY~ Textured Shelves

    I'm gonna pretend that this DIY is more complicated than sponge + paint + shelf, okay? What I really want you, dear reader, to glean from this here tutorial is how these two colors look together, gold and silver, and how holding/cutting your sponge creates different effects. Cool deal? Let's cut the cheese! ...I mean, let's get started...
Step 1: Take that EXES rage, or if you're me: I-got-my-hot-pocket-too-hot rage out on your cheapo sponge. How you cut your sponge affects the texture it creates. For instance, I did cross-sections making little diamonds in the center of the sponge. This created little triangle tree patterns. So try out different shapes and don't be afraid to hack away corner in weird ways. I sort of picked the corners off.
Note to self: Sponge particles got all over the counter; they were impossible to retrieve. Cover area with plastic shopping bad next time
Step 2: Put paint in a plate and start dabbing away. I noticed the middle of my sponge had more of the diamond shapes, so I would fold the sponge in half, using the center part to dab paint, to get the triangle thing happening. I also tried bending it different ways, like at the upper or bottom half, to see how that looked. It gave me a pretty wide variety of texture.  
Step 3 & 4: Let shelves dry and hang! Here's how they look in my room with my room lighting:
    It's also important to consider where your shelves are going. I wanted shelves that reflected light in my room, so I chose two light metallic colors. I was worried that my shelves would look gaudy, but because you see them from the side the paint adds a little sparkle. And consider your options: you could do a flat base coat with metallic texture overlay or the opposite or two flat colors. You could even use different materials to add the paint, like newspaper or an old rag. One thing I was tempted to try was using masking tape to add some accent lines/designs before adding the texture. But I didn't have any. So, please, dear reader, try that! I'd love to see how it turned out. 


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