Phone Photo Post: General Life Happenings

    -I'm back home now, but I leave again tomorrow. Family Camp is next week. It'll be me and my Nana for a week just chilling out. I've talked about family camp before. I hope it's a good experience this year. It'll be weird without my Papa there and a couple of camp regulars that have passed away this past year. I hope there will be someone there my age, but I think that's wishful thinking.
    -I finished reading the first five Mortal Instrument books and I wrote a pretty extensive review of it in my journal, so I'll get that posted next week. I also read The Bling Ring and The Silver Star. Both of which will also have their own reviews. I'm excited to get that new feature up-and-running.
    -My brother and I went to go see Despicable Me 2. It was cute, but it felt was a little bit rushed. I was more excited seeing the first Ender's Game trailer and The Lego Movie trailer. Both of those look pretty epic. Oh, and I also watched the City of Bones trailer. I have mixed feelings about Lily Collins, but that's just because of the movie Mirror, Mirror. I hope she impresses! Last night Hotel Transylvania came on, and it was so precious. I've been wanting to see it for a while, and was not disappointed.
    -Also... you may have noticed a little design change around here. I may make a couple more changes, but so far I am digging it! I wanted it to look more like a journal. So there's only one post per page and the extra stuff, like an "about" and buttons and followers, at the bottom. ALSO bigger pictures! Well not yet... right now it's just cell phone pictures BUT when I get camera pictures formatted, the party will really start.

Peace be yours,


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