Recent Drawings

These are some recent drawings from the past two weeks. 
The first quote was said by my Papa. (You can read more about that here.)
The second drawing was a sort-of attempt at realism, with the veins in the eyes and creased lips, but realism isn't my thing. Maybe surrealism is though... Also, I meant to showcase high cheek bones with shadowing, but it ended up looking like a scar. I like it better that way.
I think the woman leaning out of the tower is my favorite. I imagine her being in a Rapunzel-like story, where she isn't saved by a handsome prince and instead spies on the people below here. Maybe she even makes a blog about it and becomes internet famous and that's how she is saved. Connecting to others through the internet. I also really like her hair.
The fourth drawing reminds me of an angel healing, or an alien creating another life form, or a visual metaphor for how helping others affects us, or how in the chaos of imagination you can put different parts together to make something that is imperfect, but still worthy of pride.

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