Outfit # 19: Pipe Dreams

    I decided that'd it'd be nice to venture somewhere outside my backyard to take outfit pictures. I ended up stopping at Strange Storage. I originally planned to go downtown, but I found myself pulling into this place. Being an introvert (and proud) can have its downsides. There was a man across the street looking in my general direction so I ended up hiding at the end of the storage units and subsequently stepping into a fire ant bed. It'd be hard to explain why I was taking pictures of myself at a storage unit facility. It didn't help that I was lugging around my tripod awkwardly. I was ready to run at any second, that's why my purse is on my shoulder and keys are in my hand. I didn't even shut the driver-side door. 
lol. I need to get out more. 

    I made this shirt a long time ago. Here's the "tutorial". I pulled this shirt out of my closet with this outfit in mind. I love wearing bright pink with this Aztec-y shirt. Aztec-y does make sense, right? Better than Aztechy or Aztrekkie... Anyway, I had an ~outfit revelation~ when I though of these two pieces becoming ONE. It almost didn't come into being. I layered the shirts and was massively disappointed with how it looked because the Aztec shirt has 3/4 length sleeves and the sleeves looked goofy hanging around. I immediately flashed back to middle and high school when an outfit would totally bomb, but I wouldn't realize until I was half-way through the school day. I fought my own embarrassment, told myself I could make it work if I stopped sulking, and rolled up my sleeves. Well, wasn't that the perfect solution? 

    I made the safety pin bracelet from a kit that I bought at Wal*Mart. I don't think I knotted it correctly, but hey, it's wearable! I got the Ghost Lego key chain from Lego Land at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. I went there with a friend to go see Star Trek and have dinner with my brother. It was pretty nice. If you were wondering what this purse looked like, here are better pictures. I saw it at Goody's and walked out of the store without it. I told my mom I had to go back. And, obviously, I did. It hasn't failed me yet! And it can be worn like a book bag! Finally, I wanted to get nice pictures of my shoes, but my feet were looking a bit Sasquatch-y. So clipped my toes out (of the picture). I'll do better next time...  
     Even though taking picture out and about is uncomfortable, I'd still like to go to some more places. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the best spots. Here's a friendly reminder to try things, it keeps your blood pumping. 


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