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Next Tuesday. Next Tuesday is my last day of Spring semester and I am so ready. I have many ideas, but no time to do them right now. After next Tuesday I will have all summer to make awesome things. Like videos, projects, posts... geez, I am excited.  Spring semester flew by for me, so I'm kind of stunned it's already ending, but hey, I'm not complaining. 
Thinking About:
The new project I'll start today. It's just a little craft project using my round looms. It's kind of an experimentation. I'll let you know how it goes. *crosses fingers*
UPDATE: did not work AT ALL. I tried to loom hemp chord and it was way to difficult and I broke one of the pegs on my loom. hahahaha, so we're just gonna move forward. 
Intro to Psychology text book. I was reading A Farewell to Arms, but it kind of got lost in a whirlwind of school, family stuff, and LIFE. Hopefully I'll pick it back up again soon. 
Working on:
building up the courage to do what I want. If I don't do it I will regret it, so I have to at least try. 
I got this format of post from Delightfully Tacky.

A card I made for one of my professors 
What's happening with you?


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