Outfit # 18: Left Behind

   On the way to my Grandparent's house we stopped at this abandoned elementary school to take pictures. I've stopped there once before by myself, but was too afraid to explore. This time my mom was with me and she reluctantly watched me stomp through decade old weeds. Unfortunately, there wasn't a way to get inside. I would have been a bit hesitant anyway because there have been homeless people living inside the old school. This school was last used, from what I can tell, as a sort of flea market. Inside the windows there is organized chaos. Old machines are outside and inside. Before that is was some sort of mechanical supplies/trade place.

   Also, we went to a classic burger place in town. It was delicious. This place inspired my outfit. I was going for soda shop girl. My mom used to go to Floyd's when she was in high school, and even though it has moved locations it still has a special meaning to her. Moving around a lot hasn't given me places like this to cherish, so I'm glad we get to come here together. It can be a place I cherish too. I also love the open burger above the sign. I find it hilarious. I'm glad this place isn't left behind yet.

Stick around, tomorrow I share all the photos from the elementary school exploration.

Do you like exploring abandoned places? Are there special places that you cherish?


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