Links: Capturing What's Left Behind

   Here is a collection of links across the web that showcase the mysteriousness/awesomeness of abandoned places. Some lead to amusement  parks, some lead to long-decrepit hotels. Look through and try to find meaning in these empty places. Let loneliness and curiosity fill your heart, and intrigue fill your mind. How we inhabit the world is stunning and strange and these are the things left behind. Maybe they were left to decay over time, maybe a hurricane took them down. Sometimes bad location is the reason for desertion, sometimes it's nuclear radiation. All of these places have a history and I encourage you to discover them.

"Towards the entrance and the the sunrise."

This is Nara's Dreamland located in Japan, photographed by Michael John Grist. It's an amazing park that was closed in 2006 because it couldn't compete with Universal Studios Japan. Learn more about Nara's Dreamland and the photographer at He takes stunning pictures and tells ridiculous stories. He also has prints available.

The Kingston Lounge is a favorite of mine. It was one of the first blogs I started reading. Unfortunately, posts are less frequent now, but I hope you will rummage through the archives. The Kingston Lounge has extremely thorough biographies of each building. I first learned about Typhoid Mary through the Lounge. Oh, and the pictures will blow your mind. The photographer takes great pride in not adjusting any of the scenes he photographs, making them all the more haunting. 

For Disney fans, may I present, Imagineering Disney. Pictured is from one of their series of posts titled Then and Now. Specifically, the picture above was from a post about the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. (Also, that post links to a post about the Carousel of Progress, which is pretty cool.) There are several posts all around Disneyland showing the differences between the Disney of today and yesterday. And, fitting with the theme here, there is a series titled Abandoned Disney, which gives us a look at what happens when a park closes or animatronics retire. 

Pictured above is a ride from the long deserted Spreepark in Germany featured in a list of "8 eerie, abandoned amusement parks". Every amusement park featured is accompanied by a short description and a link to more pictures. If you are a movie buff, Spreepark may look familiar; parts of the film Hanna was shot there. It is one of the most beautiful abandoned parks. 

And, finally, "The Town that Spent 25 Years Underwater". My mom directed me to search of this town, and I was not disappointed. How did get underwater? What happened to its' residents? What does it look like now? Find out.

All pictures link back to their original source. 


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