How to: Dry Flowers (and what to do with them)

   Every time we have a bouquet of flowers in the house I get excited. I get more excited when they start dying, then it's DRYING TIME. I like dried flowers because I think they add this weird mysteriousness to a room. Also, I get to keep bouquets from special occasions. It's pretty cool to have the roses from my junior year drama performance. So, I'll show you the two ways I dry flowers, show some of my flowers, and link up to other tutorials that use flowers in awesome ways. 

Pressed Flower:
  • Cut off stem to base of flower
  • Lay it face down, so the petals won't bend, in the back of a book. (Be sure to use an old book that has no meaning, petals can potentially dye pages and wet petals could cause mold.)
  • Place something heavy on top of the book. (I use Little Women, you know like the book, not actual women.)
  • Practice patience. It takes 2-4 weeks for a flower to dry completely.
  • The less wilted a flower is, the more b-e-a-utiful it will be. 
  • If you want to get fancy, put a layer of tissue paper between the flower and book on both sides. Replace the tissue paper every 3-4 days. (I don't do this, and I've never had a problem.)

Drying Flowers:
  • Take flower stem out of water
  • Cut it down to the preferred size
  • Place it into another vase without water and set it in front of a window or on a back porch
  • Wait for it to dry aaaaaaand that's it! 

Some of my dried flowers:

What to do with them:

   I used my dried flowers to create this illustration. I arranged my flowers on a scanner, and simply scanned them in. Simple as that. I love flowers and I like being able to preserve them. 
   Some people find it weird, or sad, to keep dead flowers. But, I think I'm giving them a new life. I'm still appreciating them and I find them just as fascinating as alive flowers. Dried flowers aren't flowers that are left behind. They're still here, being beautiful. 
New tutorial! 


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