Outfit # 15: 7 Ways

  I'm a human being, but more specifically, I'm a woman. I could bake a red velvet cake, I could mop a floor, I could plant flowers, I could tell you if the colors you are wearing clash... I could make profound statements, I could write a best-selling novel, I could direct a film, I could be president, I could conquer the world, but today, today I will show you seven ways to restyle your skirt. Let's get started. 

   Here we start with a basic cotton skirt. It's thin, practically sheer, and loves to get swept up by the wind much to my dismay. This can be fixed, let's tie it down:

   Basically, to achieve any of these styles, tie two ends of the skirt together. You can change the direction of the tie and the location. From high to low, front to back, and left to right or any combination of those. Honestly, I only did about three of these standing in front of the mirror, the majority of these styles were improvised while outside. That is to say, all of these styles are easy to accomplish.

Style: Top Middle
Style: Low Middle
Style: Medium Side
You see that piece of fabric dangling in between that tie? That fabric can be adjusted. You could even tuck it back into the knot for another style. 

Style: Top Middle 
   Here I went mini. I lifted the skirt by my ties, which at this point were pretty big, until I had raised it to a comfortable length. (aka under the booty) Once again, the ties can be adjusted and tucked and better styled.

Style: Top Side
   This style is similar to the one before it, the only difference is I tied the knot off to the side. 

Here we go to the back. Just tie a knot on your bodacious booty.

Style: Back Top Middle with Lowered Front

   This is what the front looks like. The back tie gives the skirt a more fitted style.

Style: Back Top Middle   
   Here I went mini again and made a sort of high-low skirt. Or, a mullet skirt, depending on how you want to look at it. This one was the most difficult to maneuver, but not impossible! It's just a backwards version of the previous mini. Raise the skirt by the ties in the front until you have reached your desired length. The difficulty comes in finding where the two sides of the tie come from. It takes some adjustments, but it can be done! 

   So there you have it: Seven Ways to Style Your Skirt. Once you've styled your skirt, get on to the other things on your to-do list, like baking that cake or writing that novel or becoming president. Or all three. You can do anything.


  1. This is really creative and extremely cute!!! :D I will certainly give this a try! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you find it useful!
      Your website looks really cool, by the way.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and share nice thoughts. It's very heartwarming for me to read.


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