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The “Candelier”

I am so looking forward to my stitches coming out. I just had my wisdom teeth extracted this past Wednesday and I have had one stitch come out. I'm ready for them all to go. Also, Mom and I are going out to take pictures of graves for other genealogists. My Mom is really into genealogy and a lot of information comes from tombstones, plus old tombstones are really cool. Anyway, on this website people request pictures of graves and there are some requests for graveyards in town. Mom and I want to contribute to it. We're pretty excited!

Thinking About:
How cool it is to be a kid. I'm trying to remind myself that in the big broad spectrum of things I know practically nothing. I don't want to go through an I-know-everything phase. I want to be humble. It's all fine and dandy to be smart, but I just need to remind myself that every person I meet knows something I don't. Despite their education, wealth, social status, they know something I don't. And I need to remain open enough to learn from everyone. 

Obviously, based on all the posts from last week I just finished reading Jane Eyre. I'm taking some time off before starting a new book to get caught up on reading for school. Yaaaaaaay...

Working on:
A center piece for Easter which will hopefully be posted about later this week. I've had a lot of fun with it so far. I hope it comes out as brilliant as I imagine it. Also, I saw a post on how to do high speed photography. I want to try it out!

I got this format of post from Delightfully Tacky.

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