Outfit # 12: Color Study

   I love deep colors. More than neon colors or overwhelmingly bright colors. I like colors that make me feel like I'm diving into them. Dark colors are so relaxing and make me feel calm. Bright colors make me nervous. Bright oranges and yellows make me feel hot. I've noticed how colors affect my mood, and the realization has both freaked me out and made me feel... glad. It's nice to recognize these simple things. Color is so much a part of life. And I know that sounds like an obvious statement, but how often do we just notice them occurring. Colors are happening all the time, naturally and unnaturally. It's awesome and it affects us and we should notice them. 

Random fun fact: The sash around my waist is from my junior prom dress which I actually just donated to the drama club at the high school I used to go to. This sash is the only thing I have left of it. It's nice to have this small souvenir. I should mention that the necklace I'm wearing was also a purchase for the junior prom. Weird mementos that I am glad to have.

   I won a purse from Ever + Mi Crush through Scathingly Brilliant. It's the first time I've won something through a blog giveaway. It's pretty insane and the purse is really adorable. It came in this awesome bird and flower print tissue paper. The interior is small, but it's perfect for when I want downsize from my regular purse. It actually kind of reminds of a lunch box. A cool scalloped lunch box.
Be sure to check out their shop!


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