Outfit # 10: Business as Usual

I'm really enjoying this business casual look I've been donning lately. I sort of have a vendetta against jeans. They're just so... uncomfortable. Jeans used to be the only sort of pant that I wore, but man, I don't know why. These dress pants are so darn comfortable. And flattering.
Obviously these pictures weren't taken in my room. Instead I'm in the dining room. It's hard to call it that because our house is so open. To my left is our kitchen and the dining and living room transition without a wall. I really enjoy living in an open house. Things are able to flow.
And shout out to the precious being that is Maggie for showing off her bodacious booty. She hasn't really grasped the concept of looking at the camera.

Vintage necklace. It always reminds me of a chandelier.

Overall I've been keeping myself busy. School hasn't been too challenging, I've just been trying to maintain the grades I really desire. ~Other things~ have been keeping me busy, but I can't discuss those just yet. I guess you'll just have to wait and see... OOOoooo...


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