DIY Textured/Glitter-tipped nail design

What I used:

  1. Rimmel London (clear nail polish)
  2. Pure Ice Outrageous (iridescent base coat)
  3. Pure Ice Spitfire (glitter polish)

How to get this look:
  1. Apply clear nail polish and let dry
  2. Grab a tissue, like a kleenex, and apply a nail sized portion of the base color nail polish onto one corner of the tissue
  3. Dab nail with polish covered portion of napkin until desired thickness/pattern is achieved
  4. Use glitter nail polish to apply a thin strip of glitter across the tip of nail

  1. Because the base coat layer is so thin, it dries super fast, so it takes very little time to do.
  2. The glitter tip of the nail is actually really easy to achieve. I don't normally free hand stripes on nails, but doing the tip is pretty simple. And if you don't get it impressively even, it's okay, mistakes are hardly noticeable. 
  3. Since these are very thin layers, the likelihood of chipping is pretty slim. They would also be easy to touch up if there was any chipping.  
  4. I used an iridescent base coat so it would have an awesome shimmer, but keep in mind that you could really do anything!

I really love this design/style of nail. It has a cool rustic texture. And I have been a bit obsessed with this glitter nail polish, so I had to incorporate it some way. And shout out to my homegirl Charlotte Bronte and her famous book Jane Eyre for being the background in these pictures. I'm really enjoying reading it.

What's your favorite nail tutorial? Will you be trying this one out? Let me know!


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