DIY iPod Carrying Pouch

Looming is an incredibly fun hobby. It's easy to do and you can make many interesting things! I used my smallest loom to create this ipod carrying pouch. I received an ipod Christmas, and needed something to carry it (and its accessories) in. This is what I came up with!
Here's how you can make it...

  • 24 peg round loom 
  • yarn of your choice
  • two large beads
  • scissors

When you buy a loom it comes with standard directions. I didn't do anything different from those directions. Here's a good, detailed step by step for using a loom!
  • While your creation is still on the loom you can measure it by laying your ipod, or any other device, on the inside of the loom to measure the length. Be sure to have some extra, so there is plenty of room. 
  • Optional: After you've take your yarn off the loom and sewed one side shut, flip it inside out. I wanted the flat side to be on the outside. 
  • Take three long strands (long enough to go around the outside edge, as always have extra, you can always cut excess off!) of yarn and braid them. 
  • Secure the braided yarn on the needle that comes with the loom. On the open side of your bag unroll the the top edge, because it will curl naturally, and count about three open spaces down from the top. They will be easy to see. From  the outside pull your yarn to the inside. Leave some yarn on the outside of the bag. Now take your needle and go over the top of the bag to the outside and through the next hole. Repeat this around the bag until you are back at the first stitch. The yarn should loop over the top edge of the bag all the way around.
  • Now you should have two pieces of yarn hanging on the outside. Re-thread the needle on one of the hanging pieces of yarn and thread it through one of your large beads. Make sure the bead is close to the edge of the bag and then tie a knot close to the bead to secure it.You may have to do this more than once to get the knot big enough. Repeat on the second strand of yarn. Cut off any excess yarn.
  • After secured, pull the beads and the bag should close. It should work a drawstring

 And you are done!

Did you like this project? Are you going to try it out? 

Let me know! If you do complete it, I'd love to see your finished product! 
I'd like to highlight your work in another post!


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