My great aunt sent me an e-mail about a poetry contest. I found the contest online and submitted a poem I made up on the spot. I didn't really think about it after, in fact I forgot about it, until I got a letter in the mail. It turns out my poem was selected as a semi-finalist. I doubt it will go any further, but that's pretty cool. All semi-finalist poems get published in an anthology. According to flyer I received it has of 400 poems. Anyway, I just thought I'd share it here. Tell me what you think.


I compose myself.
The right words and phrases 
are all in place.
I compose myself for others to see
and read.
Everything thing is in its proper place. 
I've composed myself.

Why must I be so composed?
My reality,
My life
feels like a hoax.

I un-compose myself.
All the words are wrong.
I un-compose myself for others to hear
and feel.
Everything is out of place.
I've un-composed myself.

Why am I un-composed?
My reality,
My life
Now it feels like home.

Link to website with rules, guidelines, and future contest dates here.


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