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My mom and I went to Atlanta this past weekend. We were going to hang out with my brother and to see a festive Christmas concert he was performing in. We ended up skipping it. He went to go perform while Mom and I walked through malls with Gucci, Guess, Michael Kors, and other stores I only experience through magazines. I wonder if they think about people like us, people who can only look at their merchandise through glass windows.
Anyway, my brother met us at the mall to go see Cloud Atlas. We are very much a movie family. He was still in his full tux when he came to the theatre and that made me laugh. I think the best part was when he ordered a hot dog to eat during the movie.
Cloud Atlas was very good, but I think I'll have to watch it four or five more times to put all the pieces together. I love movies like that. A mind puzzle.
Afterwords I heard a man talking about the movie and he said something like, "So basically what it's about is we are connected."
We all ended up getting to the elevator together. We stood in dead silence, but little did he know I was constructing an entire speech for him in my head, but I couldn't work up the... confidence to deliver. So, to bring myself some peace, I'll deliver it here:

Yes. I do think the movie revolves around the idea of being connected. But I think the important question to ask is, "By what?" I have a theory, but I am not the creator of this idea, that we are all connected through human suffering. The majority of people would suggest love connects us all, but there are some people who think that they have never been loved. The deepest connection we all have is pain. And each character in that movie experienced pain. So when you see a stranger you can rest assured that that individual has felt pain, but you cannot be sure that they have felt love.
This is why I hope that one day people are most known for their love and not for their hate.

 P.S. I got a hair cut.


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