Photo Post: Downtown

A couple weeks ago I went downtown to take pictures. It felt nice to have some time solely for picture taking. I don't normally do things like this for one reason or another. I want to do it more often. There was a nice breeze and I watched clouds skid across the sky. I spent a lot of time hanging around the building pictured above. It is one of the oldest buildings in town and it is the tallest. Unfortunately it is falling apart. I think it's been deemed a historic landmark so it can't be torn down, but it doesn't do anyone much good sitting empty. Besides the pigeons, which have made this place their home.
The most interesting thing I can share with you about this building is that is was considered to be a portal into the parallel universe. I wish I could find the article online.

Whenever you got out on a photo spree, be sure to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident. I felt so cool walking around taking pictures in this outfit. That's a kind of conceited thing to say, but we should all seek self confidence.
I'm wearing:
  •  a jacket that is supposed to look like a marching band jacket (shoulder pads and double-breasted!).
  • The Avengers logo t-shirt (Wal*Mart)
  • Green Capris (Goody's)
  • Black strappy sandals
  • Knit hat
  • 3 dollar sunglasses (TJ Maxx) 
Check out my photostream on Flickr to see all of the pictures and some!


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