Outfit # 7: That Classic Vibe

Dress- gift, Shoes-Shoe Department, Necklace- Thrift, Bracelet- Gift
I think this dress has some 70's vibes without being tacky. When I was driving (in my '96 Buick Le Sabre) it felt very appropriate. I wanted to do all my pictures in the car, but I decided against. That idea will cozy up in the back of my mind to be utilized later. However, I do think this dress is fitting against fallen leaves and pine straw. It has those warm fall colors. 

I bought this necklace at a local vintage store called, appropriately, The Treasure Store.

I've seen many poetic little leaves this fall. I have photographed very few, but this one could not be resisted. It's like a visual poem, waiting for someone to make it a metaphor. 


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