What's Happening...

I voted! My first time!

Next Tuesday! Next Tuesday is my brothers recital. I'm really excited to get dressed up and watch him perform. This recital is with the wind ensemble. This is the first time I get to use my camera at an actual event! I'm really proud of my brother too. I will take ALL the pictures!
Thinking About:
The things that got me through high school aren't going to be the things that help me through college. I thought they would be, I thought I'd always have certain reliances, but that's not the case. It makes sense, though, I'm not the same person I was in high school. Thank goodness...
I have to find a new way and new isn't scary, it's exciting.
I just finished reading All the Wrong Questions: "Who could that be at this hour?" by Lemony Snicket. Gosh, it was so good. Mister Snicket never disappoints. I also have to read a bit about Salvador Dali for a project for Art Appreciation. I'm kind of ashamed to say that the only reason I got the book from the library was because it was required that we have one book source...
the times, the times. 
Working on:
Cleaning. Woo? My mom has hopped into Santa's sleigh. Meaning, she's stoked for Christmas, so everything must be cleaned in preparation! I actually am excited to clean my room. I took before pictures today. It's a mess. I think I'm going to rearrange my furniture, so that's exciting. A new look for a new beginning. Hey, beginnings can begin whenever. It doesn't have to be a special occasion.
Obsessing over:
Doodling and writing! I ordered a mini-sketchbook from Eat Sleep Draw that benefits Hurricane Sandy Relief. I've been wanting a place for my doodles, something easy to carry around, so I was glad when I saw that. And of course NaNoWriMo. I had a revelation about where I wanted my story to go, so I am pumped to write it out.
Simpler days. I wanted to delete all the online aspects of my life and move to the Tennessee mountains. Then I remembered that I enjoy it and that I'd probably be too alone without it. I guess the important thing is that we don't forget ourselves or this world.

I got this format of post from Delightfully Tacky.


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