Coffee Clay

I've realized something... the internet loves coffee. Probably after cats and memes comes coffee. Anyway, I was curious to know if there was anything you could to with leftover coffee grounds and after some thorough research (aka googling) I found that, yes, there is! There's always new and sometimes weird ways to recycle. And if you're a hardcore coffee drinker, this will help you get creative in the morning or whenever you sit down to nice hot cup of joe.
This is how you make coffee clay:

Gather the ingredients listed above. Most of these you may already have!

Grab a medium sized mixing bowl and dump in all of your ingredients. Mix 'em all up!
You may have to add for flour if the clay is too liquid-y.

After the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, lay out some wax paper over your work station. Keep some extra flour on the side to rub on your hands so the clay won't stick to you.

You can use an empty can or cookie cutters to cut a shape out of your clay. I used an empty can to cut a circle and I used an earring to imprint a design. You could create animal tracks or use sea shells to imprint a design. It's important to put flour on whatever your using to keep it from sticking to the clay.

My design imprinted! After you've made all the shapes and designs you want, set your coffee clay on a plate in a dry area. It will take 24 hours for it to dry. I recommend flipping your designs before going to bed, it will allow both sides to dry evenly. The clay lightens as it dries.

 Here are some project ideas for your clay:
  • Add food coloring to give it some interesting color
  • Use tooth picks to make designs
  • Poke holes through the clay to make jewelry
  • You could put a little figurine into some clay and shape a ball around it. Kids could break the eggs to find the trinkets. 
  • Use a gingerbread man cookie cutter to make ornaments

If you plan on keeping these for a long period of time, I suggest using some sort of sealant.
Here is a link on what type of sealants to use on different projects.

Here is where I found the original recipe.

I think this was a really neat project to do and super easy to make. Using very few household items you can have a fun project for the whole family or just yourself (like me!). I really liked how my earring stamped clay circle came out. I'm thinking about making it into an ornament...

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