Art Sunday: The Pool by Jen Lewin Studio

Artist Jen Lewin | Post by
Artist Jen Lewin | Post by
Artist Jen Lewin | Post by
Artist Jen Lewin | Post by

Jen Lewin Studio - Each Pad in The Pool senses the movements of a person. User inputs such as foot location, foot pressure, and speed are sensed by the pad surface. As a person moves, light ripples out to the surrounding pads. For example, by leaning left, a ripple of varying intensity starts in that direction. A stronger more deliberate lean could cause a ripple to jump rings and fill the entire Pool. Ripples vary in light strength, length (the number of pads this message propagates to), and color. Each person’s ripple is unique. As ripples interact with other ripples, an infinite variety of colorful patterns emerge.

Watch the video here.

I think interactive installations are brilliant. You could always argue that every artwork is interactive in the way that we examine and interpret them and therefore giving them meaning that another person might see completely differently. However artworks that you can touch and change are the most thrilling. Maybe knowing that no matter what you do to it it's still art gives us that empowerment. That empowerment in knowing that you helped create something and didn't make it worse or better, but you did contribute. It makes us all children again. When we used to finger paint, we didn't care how it looked. We liked the color and the feeling of smudging paint across a page. I think that feeling comes back to us when we participate in interactive art. It's a kind of freedom. This specific installation allows us to interact with others positively. What we do affects them and they are changed. And then they change and that changes you. It's a fair and equal game. People feel happy jumping from pad to pad like frogs. It's silly and fun and colorful. It makes us see how we affect things and people around us. It makes us feel all the positive emotions and for a moment we forget all of the negative ones. And that is amazing.

Tell me what you think of this installation in the comments. I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. WOW!!! This is amazing and surprisingly I’ve heard from other post that you could have one of these in a great deal with the best price! How’s that sound?!


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