Some lovin' for the Mags.

This post is for gushing about how amazing furry family can be. 
This is Maggie Mae. She is a goober. 
We bought Maggie two years ago at the local pound. She and another dog of her same breed were found trampling though the fairgrounds. Their hair was long and matted and they were covered in cockleburs. Maggie is a pekingese shih tzu mix. The employees at the pound guessed she was around three or four years old, based on her teeth. To me, she's still every bit a puppy. She cries. A lot. Mostly because she doesn't get what she wants all the time. I can hear her in my head, "But... MAMA!" 
That's the thing too. She attached to me. Now she's like my shadow. 
When we first brought her home it was easy to tell that she was hesitant about being in our home. We bought her a big fluffy bed, all new toys, and a BIG container filled with all sorts of treats. 
And she would hardly leave her bed. She just laid back and watched everyone for a while. 
She never barked either, and still she rarely barks. Mom and I figured that she was abused in her old home. So we tried to love on her and make her feel just awesome. Now she is just spoiled. Our rationale behind giving her treats is usually pretty weak. It's okay, everyone deserves to be spoiled. 

A couple of weeks after we got her I sat next to her on the couch. I scooted down to get eye level with her. Looked into her eyes and poked her nose. "Nose," I said. Then I poked my nose and said, "Nose." I did this several times. Back and forth. I stopped and said nose again, this time without poking her nose. She inched forward and licked my nose. "Good job Maggie!"
That has been our thing ever since. I'll be sitting somewhere and say, "Oh no, Maggie! I can't find my nose! Where is it? Where's my nose?" She'll get all excited and lick my nose.

Trust me, it's cute.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about our pets. From the past and now. (I'll have to tell you about our miraculous gold fish Cheeto, but not right now.) I think about how they fit into our family dynamic. How they find the warm spots in our lives and make them cozy. Then I think about how well they know us. It's  kind of eerie how much they can sense what is going on our lives. Some people talk about telling their pets all their problems and secrets. Animals are good listeners. They just love unconditionally. They make mistakes, and we make mistakes, but we still love each other.

The dog that loves next door to us is a big gold lab named Max. He stays in a back pen in our neighbors yard. He's the sweetest dog. I don't know how well our neighbors treat him, and that kind of scares me. One thing I really love about Max is that when an ambulance speeds by with sirens blaring he starts crying. My Mom told me one day while Max was crying at an ambulance that, "Max doesn't like for people to get hurt."

Maggie and Max
It's true, he doesn't. Let's treat our animals well.
They want to feel warmth and love and kindness, just like we all do. 


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