More Melty Bead Ideas!

There are so many options when it comes to melty beads.
Here is a break down of every object done:

1.) HELLO - I really wanted to like a digital text. One square peg board wasn't big enough so I had to use two. Once I had both peg boards complete I ironed the first half of the text on one side and did the same to the other half. Then I carefully removed them both from the peg board and lined them up together. Then... I ironed. Flip and iron. Flip and iron. I was ironing on a dip in the ironing board and that caused some warping, so it is slightly curved. :( But, I really like this idea and plan on using it again.

2.) Keyboard - The keyboard was super simple. It was easily done on one pegboard and I actually found the template online while searching for ideas. Here  is one image to reference from. Just copy the pattern used. I really love this one and I want to make more. There's even more complex keyboards made from melty beads, they're pretty sick! 

3.) Question Mark - This one I did just as an experiment. No template required. **If there are creases in your parchment paper when you iron the creases will show up on the beads** That's why it's looking kinda funky. I like this. I think it would be a cute pin. You could even do emoticons!

4.) Gameboy - ...I just adore my Gameboy creation. I saw this image online and I knew I had to do it. I want to do one in ever color ever. They would make a nerdy necklace or key chain. And if you Google an image for this you'll see that some people got real serious about their perler Gameboys! Like some major detail! A round of applaud for those people!

So that's the break down. I hope it was inspiring. Let me know if you tried it or have some other really cool ideas! Share some pictures too!


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