Jewelry Week: Woven Heart Pin

It is jewelry week!

I came across this how-to the other day, and I found myself wondering what else could be done with woven felt? I really like the checkered pattern that weaving creates, but I wanted a new application for it. So, I just made something up! Here it is:

You'll need:
  • Two different colored felts
  • Glue gun
  • Bar pin
  • Sewing pins
  • E-6000 glue
  • Optional adhesive felt

Step 1: Cut pieces of felt into 1 inch strips, then weave. 

Step 2: Create a template. The template could really be any shape cut-out from regular printer paper.
I choose a heart.
(I hot glued down where the weave crosses over so the weave wouldn't fall apart when cutting.)

Step 3: Pin template to weave. I did go ahead and cut off all the excess.

Step 4: Cut around template and unpin 

Step 5 (optional): Use adhesive felt on the back of your woven shape to provide support and cut off excess.
**Pro tip** To get rid of glue gun strings go over the heart with a hairdryer. It'll melt the strings, so you don't even notice them!**

Step 6: Use E-6000 glue to attach bar pin to back

I really liked this project! I think the woven style looks warm, especially combined with the soft felt. I think this would make a really interesting piece for fall. And of course you can use fall type colors that will really add the warmth and cozy. And you can always pin this to hair bows. If your like me and you have big hair the pin really balances out! 

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