9/8/12: They were Mole and Wolverine. And they were in love.

(I don't usually post my dreams here, but this one was too good to pass up. This is a narrative version of my dream.)

The mutants were being annihilated. They were taken to labs and killed mercilessly everyday. Every hour of every day. And Wolverine was tired of it. He fought against the Board of Scientists, not with his adamantium claws, but with passionately spoken words. He told them that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He wanted to live. He wanted a live a life filled with joy and happiness, not with violence and blood. But the Board didn’t listen. They didn’t care that his words were sincere. All they knew was that he was different. And the Board hated him for it. 
So the Wolverine ran. In the midst of his journeys he met and man called Mole. Mole was also a mutant. His mutant ability was different than anything Wolverine had ever seen. Mole’s ability had many different aspects. Mole could stay in dark, small places without panicking, without worry. When he was in these spaces he had an intense clarity for the things around them and how his actions could affect everyone and everything around him. He knew how his own sneeze could produce a germ that would escape his dark space, enter the outside world and contaminate a local crop of strawberries. He knew all of this without even peeping outside his cramped cocoon. 
Mole and the Wolverine immediately connected. They became partners in an effort to change the minds of the Board of Scientists. Their journey was long. They now were at the Board of Scientists national convention which was aboard the largest cruise ship ever made. It was a glorious and ornate thing. Beautiful in its grandeur. 
But the Wolverine was tricked. The Board of Scientists had no intention of hearing their plea. Mole was captured. Taken from the Wolverine. The Wolverine was broken. He didn’t care when the Scientists bound him in adamantium chains and handcuffs. The Wolverine was dragged to an auditorium in the middle of the cruise ship. They sat the Wolverine in the back of the auditorium. The auditorium seats were tiered, so the Wolverine had the best view of what lay in the middle of the stage.
It was Mole. Mole laid, asleep or unconscious? The Wolverine panicked. He hated himself for talking Mole into helping him try to change the Scientists minds. Mole had told him, “Wolverine, we can’t change their minds. Not without destroying them, so there are no minds left. It will be an impossible task. I’m sorry.” But the Wolverine’s optimism convinced Mole that maybe something could change. The Wolverine couldn’t move or talk so he sat with fierce tears streaming down his face.

Mole woke, uncertain as to where he was. He kept his eyes only slightly open. He was in a auditorium, laying in the center of what felt like a giant operating table. To his right was an audience. The audience was the Board of Scientists. And then he saw him. Wolverine sat in the back corner, next to double doors. He saw his face was grief stricken. We’ve been caught. To his left were several doctors. They came back and forth to the giant table bringing different serums and needles and machines. 
Mole closed his eyes. He felt under him a black cloth. It was in two pieces, so he could burrow into it. For just a moment he thinks he shouldn’t do it. If he does he will lose sight of Wolverine. But he might also be able to help them both escape. Swiftly he yanks the two sides of the cloth and is instantly ensconced in a black cocoon. He lays and thinks. 
The Board of Scientists are excited. The Mole mutant is doing exactly as they had planned. They laugh and cheer. The Wolverine can’t watch. He closes his eyes.
Mole doesn’t hear anything outside of his cocoon. He feels and sees every affect that his actions could create. He focuses. Which one will save us? 
Mole sees in his mind’s eye a gun. A gun has been laid on the table along with other instruments for operation. He sees the gun. It’s not a gun with bullets. It glows. He understands that when the dial of the gun is set to 100% the gun emits a laser which destroys anything in its path. It completely disintegrates any object… or person. He calculates how long it would take him to reach out of his cocoon, grab the gun, and fire it. He can see everything that will result from his actions. And he smiles.

Mole reaches out of the cocoon, grabs the gun, and shoots a line through the Board of Scientists. Then the doctors. Then the massive columns in the auditorium. Then the wall past his feet. Water rushes in from every angle. Mole drops the gun and leaps up a collapsing column to a wall where he can get a better view to find Wolverine. The gun put a massive hole in the wall. Scientists were streaming out along with water. They were screaming. The Mole couldn’t think about this, he had to find Wolverine. 

“MOLE!” his gruff voice screamed. The Wolverine was about to stream out of the cruise ship and into frigid water. Mole scurried down the wall and extended his foot. The Wolverine grabbed on and Mole pulled him out of the water. They sat atop rubble in the auditorium watching the water pour out. The Wolverine yelled out, “You should have listened to us! We didn’t want this!” Mole found himself basking in the warmth that came from the Wolverine’s skin. 

The Mole and Wolverine stayed together. They lived on the coast in an unspecified town. They went to outdoor exhibits about baby turtles and crabs. Wolverine would always make Mole laugh by tucking the crabs down the instructors shirt, making the instructor shriek. One year they entered a roller skating competition. The race was down a long and steep road. Wolverine and Mole raced against each other. Neither of them crossed the finish line because they fell over each other, laughing. 

Mole and Wolverine. Together.  

(Yes, I really dreamed this. Some lines and angles were added. One difference that I think I will add is that at the end, when they live in the coast, that was all a montage in my dream with pop music playing in between their laughter.) 


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