Obsessing over books at the moment. At least I managed to reconstruct the blog a bit. I'm digging the way it looks. Be sure to check out the additions to the reading list. And if you want to discuss a book, comment! And PLEASE... no spoilers on the books I am currently reading, that would make me :(. Really loving Looking for Alaska. A good friend got it for me for Christmas, but we exchanged gifts yesterday, and I'm already halfway through. A good read. PLUS! The aforementioned good friend has bought tickets to see the author/vlogger in Atlanta. (JOHN GREEN & HANK GREEN)

Yay, for autographs and pictures!
In the meantime I've managed to make a playlist that I think coincides with the book. I haven't finished the playlist yet, since, ya know, I haven't finished the book. We'll get back to that on a later date.
I hope you guys are getting addicted to awesome books too!


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