Time to Reflect

I'm never very successful when reflecting on the past years events. Why?  Because... when I think about it my entire brain completely empties. drains. POOF. What does come to mind is what I want to do with the next year. But, I don't want to just dream of the future any more. I want to graduate, preferably with Honors, I want to make a high score on the SAT, I want to move to north Georgia, I want to see snow every winter, I want to major in something I love undeniably, I want to go to parties, I want to...
I don't want to wait for the future though. The future never comes.

Did I say I got a video camera for Christmas?
I really, really wanted it. Now I have it, but, alas, NO MEMORY CARD. Not yet, anyway. I have all these ideas swarming around like pissed-off hornets waiting to break free. I keep turning on the camera and holding it up to different lights and angles and figuring out what would look good and how to create things and on and on and on. I guess this is just building my patience. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE SHELBY... KEEP... BREATHING.

Excited, as you can probably tell, is an understatement.
I like having something to be excited about. If we, as a human race, were never excited about anything nothing would happen. We'd sit on our bums and complain. We'd be bored as mess.
I'm glad I'm not bored as mess. I'm glad the anticipation is building.

Get excited fell humanoids! The wold is waiting for revolution!

*crows roars*


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