20 Day Challenge. Day 1.

Books your glad you read:
I love reading. I’m always pushing Mitch Albom’s books. His stories, which are all true, or based on truth, rock my mind into a state of awe and excitedness. I’ve read The Society of S trilogy about 4 times. The books are by Susan Hubbard and she has created the most fantastical story line. She calls The Society of S “an ethical vampire novel.” No, really. I’ve actually marked through that book and looked up things it refers to, like Edgar Allen Poe’s grave site, snippets of Latin, artworks, and how to make sachets. 
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Life changing. Watch the movie or read the book. McCandless will be a name you can never forget.
Anthem by Ayn Rand. This was the first book we read in AP Lit. It was so amazing. If you want to see society in a new way, read this. It sort of has a theme like The Giver


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