Senior Bucket List

A list of things to do before I kick the Graduation bucket.

  1. Make all A's 
  2. Try for most spirited for Homecoming Week 
  3. Play Powder Puff 
  4. Bring home a trophy at One-Act competition 
  5. Go to the Homecoming Dance 
  6. Have FUN 
  7. Submit boat loads of pictures to the yearbook commitee 
  8. Hang out with more and different people 
  9. Go to a concert 
  10. Play a prank on a teacher (a nice one) 
  11. Skip one day of school , besides Senior skip day, and have a hangout session with closest freinds 
  12. Go to a bonfire 
  13. Dress up for Halloween 
  14. Fork someones yard 
  15. Go (legit) camping with friends 
  16. Try for a scholarships 
  17. Go to Thespian Conference 
  18. Have a picnic 
  19. Take portraits of people 
  20. Make a mini-documentary 
  21. Make a dress 
  22. Go to prom 
  23. Graduate 

Well, this is my list so far. Hopefully I'll be able to cross some of these off as the year progresses! Feel free to give some suggestions.


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