We've all heard the quote that goes something along the lines of, "Knowledge is knowing everything you don't know." Well, I have always told myself this, even repeating it as some sort of mantra, it wasn't until recently that I realized repeating it obsessively wasn't enough. I had to admit it to myself.
What made me think of this is different individuals in classes or clubs. They present themselves to the teachers and club members as eternally knowledgeable. At first I was immediately disgusted, then I realized... that's me.
I can totally relate to their actions.
I would always feign knowledge if asked a serious question.
The meaning of life? Oh yes, I know.
The deeper meaning behind obscure scene in novel? Why yes, of course I understand it!
Gah. The worst kind of lie is the one you tell yourself.
I recently (as in the past week) decided that if directly asked a question about anything, I would give the answer that I know... not the answer I pretend to know.
Now, will I lose confidence?
On the contrary! I will be able to say, that is what I genuinely thought and if it is wrong, so be it! I am not Google! I don't have unlimited resources of information! I'M HUMAN!
And there is a vast difference.
Ah, now that feeling of peace has come over me. Peace.

And I'm definitely not R2D2... even if I wanted to be.


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