Books to read

Mom and I have been circling books through each other for a while now. Here's what we have read:

Water for Elephants
This is a good book for the average movie lover/circus lover. Circus' have always amazed me. Side show, clowns, balancing acts, the whole entirety. Oh, and if you love clever old people.

The Thirteenth Tale
This one creeped me out. But, it was an excellent story with even better similes and metaphors. It was a very classic style of writing. Compelling to read.

The Lace Reader
I haven't finished (or started) reading this one, but my mom just raved about it, so I'll have to read it.

Luckily for us we bought all these books on discount. The first to came from a book shop in Savannah. Whenever a library has an excess or needs to get rid of books, this store buys them and sells them at a discounted price. We didn't pay over five dollars for either. Also, most of the money earned goes to the Cancer hospital in town.
The last one came from Big Lots. It was in a bin with dozens of other books, and I happened to pick it up.

I have a habit of judging a book by it's cover, and this one looked neat.


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