I am a responsible person kid.
So, I'm not feeling the whole social responsibility thing anymore.
I've decided to just kick back and act silly... cause who doesn't want to be silly all the time?
If I want to sing MACHO, MACHO MAAAAAN down the hallways, then by golly I will.
And honestly, I'm starting to like people more because of it. They don't get silly all the time, they get serious, nay-sayers.
Well... BOOOOOO!
Living in a world where "sex sells" is getting boring. I want to hear those classic nonsensical jokes that we used to love and cherish.
People get pumped about it too. They think outside the gutter... and love it.
My mom summarized this article that she read online the other day that, basically, compared 80's movies to the movies of today. 80's movies were great!
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Pretty in Pink
  • St. Elmo's Fire
  • Sixteen Candles
And they dealt with pretty serious stuff.
I couldn't think of ONE movie that was made in my lifetime, that was geared towards teens, that had a great impact like any of those.
We need new visionaries.

People will get tired of sex and drugs and gore and excessive use of a certain "F" word.
It'll stop selling. Then what will they do?


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