What photography?

Spirit photography.
I've hardly been one of those people that believe that certain spirits (or ghosts, although that sounds a bit juvenile) can appear in photos. I mean really? The souls of the lost showing up in a technological advancement? It sounds... well, to be blunt, dumb. This isn't exactly an American past-time. Sure, I've watched TAPS, more than I'd like to reveal, mostly for the history of the places they get to see, and if they "catch something" it's like added bonus to my inner geekazoid.
I've heard stories from friends about their own encounters and I usually don't dismiss it as bluff. Who am I to judge? I wasn't there. My exposure to 'spiritual encounters' started at an early age. In fact, I enjoy the creepy side of life.
Legend shows were the best. I have no recollection of what the name was but this one show was about these weird stories with cheap reenactments. (For example: A woman and man tour China eat a Chinese meal, they have their poodle with them and try to express to the waitress to get the dog something to eat. Instead she gets the chef to cook the dog. They didn't enjoy their meal too much after the ticket came back with the dogs collar.) Ripley's Believe it or Not! will always have a place in my heart. When we were young, my mom took us to St. Augustine to see the Ripley's museum (I remember being afraid of the wax figures.) and we went to a wacky house (which I can't seem to find the name of on Google) but don't fret we could never forget visiting the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse!
 Back to the point, spirit photography is usually edited or has some coincidence explanation. I recently took a photo of my neighbors house, or what is left of it after a fire, and I was astonished at the picture. My mom and I were scoping things out the next night after the fire. We went over to the garage, which looks absolutely sad, and I took some pictures. I see how this can seem rude, but from an artist point of view, and my own, it just proves that nothing is permanent, and I just want to capture what I can while I have the chance.  
Well, here are a couple photos of the fire trucks, and lastly the "spirit picture"...
Three fire trucks and fireman.

Fireman Silhouette

Spot lights on the house.
Reflection of lights.
Keep in mind that this was the night after the fire.
The night of the fire it was sprinkling, if it wasn't our house would've gone up in flame too. Mom and I were very grateful that the Lord sent down showers. What we were not grateful for was how long it took the fire department to get to their house. We live in city limits, and it took them at least 20 minutes to get to the house. By that time it was in the living room and garage.

The next day I had final exams, but I didn't get any studying done, and mom didn't get any sleep. So we stayed home to watch after the house and their dog which had run away. Mom and I felt incredible sympathy for the family next door. I decided to give the lady of the house one of my paintings...
No Spare Tire

I always found it to be more clever than good-looking
 Points of interest...
Cactus, Color Blend
Ann. Best gift I ever gave.


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