Today I finished two paintings. One I've been working on for a while, and the other was spur-of-the-moment. I found myself staring into a blank canvas like a mirror trying to decide what it should become. Not only did it become watercolor on canvas, it became a part of myself reflected. Painting is truly relaxing for me. I don't, and you don't, have to be a professional to find pride in your artwork.
While meticulously going over small details, I find myself contemplating upcoming decisions. What should I do? How should I act? Is this what I'd really do? Is this the right decision?
Once finished I have these questions answered and a canvas covered.
Not too shabby for a Saturday.
Having new found confidence in the stroke of a brush I find myself to be very optimistic after the completion of the painting.
 In fact, here it is...
 Points of interest...

Color Blend


Eye and Hair

Color blend, hair, eyes
 (The other painting I've been working on is in the post below!)
So, I may not be Van Gogh but I still enjoy painting. Why shouldn't I do it? Van Gogh certainly wouldn't appreciate anybody not doing something just because it isn't world renowned. I recommend painting to all of you as a therapy. It'll also give you something to be proud of!
Perfection? Forget it. That feeling of euphoria as you finally complete something? Believe it.

Art works! So try it!


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